Full Guide How To Manually Do A Clean Installation Of Motherboard Drivers for Windows 8 on Asus laptop from Scratch

Again, this driver show identical performance to previous 416.94 drivers, as is the subjective smoothness perception during benchmark. In the end, I recommend upgrading to this driver to anyone with a Desktop card and already in the 4xx.xx Nvidia driver branch. Not only there are some bugfixes and new game Ready Profiles, but seems game smoothness is going in the good direction again. And maybe, even those still on the excellent 399.24 can even give this one a shot .

Maybe a very small drop on The Division, exact same numbers on Wildlands, and a very small bump on FC5. It may just be test variance, as then change is very small and well within error margin. Stuttering and subjective game smoothness is identical to the previous driver release (411.63 was very good for my setup in this regard, so it’s fine). This Windows Spectre patch may very well explain the difference in performance, thus “exonerating” both W10 and the Nvidia drivers from the lost performance. But there is no way I can remove just that part of the October’s Update and check the rest.

  • The guide linked below is very good at explaining all of this and is updated as new driver versions are released.
  • ATI/AMD drivers do have the custom install option, which allows you to deselect all unnecessary options.
  • Is it required to uninstall old drivers before installing new ones?
  • Does one need 3rd party programs like Driver Fusion to properly uninstall left over bits?
  • You might as well turn this into a full guide about Nvidia drivers and go over such things like proper uninstallation methods of old drivers etc.

Coupled with the tons of new features, updated game profiles, and quite a few old time bugs fixed, this driver package seems a must for Pascal owners. No matter which driver you came from, this time I’d give the new ones a try regardless. You can always DDU uninstall and go back to the previous one if you don’t like what you see. As this is a very small version jump, I didn’t expect big changes.

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Game Ready Driver Released

Here you have my early performance benchmark, this time for the new 416.16 WHQL plus Windows 10 October’s Update , compared to the previous 411.70 driver release. Big changes on the OS, plus a significant jump in Nvidia version number.

Notice how the performance here went up by a whooping 10% just by upgrading the i5 CPU to the i7. Again we can see how DX11 games are much more reliant on CPU horsepower than DX12 games. Once I updated my CPU to i7, those lag spikes I got on my previous test during fast driving scenes went away . Subjective game smoothness is great on both drivers. It may be good for you, bad for you, or you may not notice anything at all.

Game numbers are almost identical drivers for Windows to the previous drivers. Noticed a few % decrease in CPU usage, which is good . Subjective smoothness and micro-stuttering seems also in the line of previous release. During gameplay I’m always capped to 60 fps vSynced with both drivers, so smoothness is almost perfect in any case without any noticeable stutter.

Like Wildlands, FarCry 5 took a noticeable dive on performance. Averages are 6-7% down, and minimum FPS are lower too, but by a smaller amount. Smoothness perception and frame pacing is worse now than the previous 411 driver with W10 April’s update. Wildlands got a noticeable drop in performance on my rig of about 3-4 FPS (about a 5% loss), and the Minimum FPS went down by even more. What is worse, I’ve found some stutterings on fast action scenes that weren’t there on the 411.xx drivers.

Is it worth updating Nvidia drivers?

Updating the drivers is mandatory. It is not that you play latest games or not but it is better to update drivers since they will be providing numerous performance updates and adding new features with every update.

In the end, for now I cannot recommend the Windows 10 October’s Update or the new 416 driver branch. Without knowing the exact cause of the lost performance, I’m not able to give a firm opinion on either update.

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