Target Market
The Corporate Banking Division provides specialised financial services to emerging conglomerates, and upwardly mobile small and medium enterprises. Our full range of banking services are designed to provide strategic financial and advisory support to unlock the potential of these companies.

Our Service Promise

We support, guide and grow customers by providing the necessary financial solutions for growth, while keeping in focus the business’ need for profitability and efficient liquidity management.

Sector Focus
• General Commerce (Trading)
• Telecommunications
• Manufacturing
• Oil and Gas trading
• Hospitality
• Building & Construction
• Power and Infrastructure
• Aviation
• Food and Beverages

Our Delivery Model

Our Sector experts work with you to design customised financial solutions that meet your specific needs. We leverage our efficient internal processes and our array of local and international relationships to deliver on your set financial imperatives and long-term objectives. We listen to you.


We Deliver Customer-Focused Trade Finance Solutions. At Fin investment we understand that no two businesses are the same, therefore we provide services to fit dynamic trade finance needs and unique backgrounds.

Differentiation of Trade Instruments
Our customers’ instruments requirements are differentiated according to instrument size, duration, payment structure, rating of confirming and advising banks, as well as the relationship between our customer and the beneficiary.

Complexity of the Trade Space
We are aware that the Trade Finance space may seem complicated for customers who are rightly more focused on their Manufacturing/Commodities/Aviation and Agricultural operations and long-term goals. Clear Mortgage, therefore, collaborates with stakeholders including appointed brokers and representatives of these customers to deliver a dynamic and suitable financing solution.
• Bank Guarantee (BG)
• Documentary Letter of Credit (LC)
• Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
• Documentary Collections.
• Trade Advisory Services and Intermediations.
• Global Coverage
• Export Receivable Discounting Facility-ERDF
• Import Finance Facility-IFF

Andebu Sparebank maintains a global footprint through a strong correspondent banking network and key strategic alliances with multilateral agencies and development finance institutions.

Risk Mitigation
We are a compliant organisation with strict adherence to all KYC/AML policies and procedures in trade. All Letters of Credit issued and advised by AndebuspareBank follow the rules pursuant to UCP 600, URC 522, URDG 758 or ISP 98. Clear Mortgage does not advise or issue instruments that do not meet the regulations in the listed rules. Competition
Our customer service orientation, flexibility, global coverage, rates and experienced team produce our competitive edge in the market. We are open 24 hours, Monday through Sunday to handle enquiries. You can reach us on email us at fininves@localhost